Professional SEA Consulting


We offer a full-cycle range of SEA consulting services.


Digital Strategy & Execution


When a business starts using an e-commerce platform for its sales or tunes up its website for boosting the customer awareness and loyalty, one thing remains pivotal. This is Professional SEA. It’s all due to a simple piece of fact that if in the modern competitive world of online commerce you’re not putting enought effort, skills and money – then someone else will and also will snatch all the prospective customers out of your hands. We are determined to compose a master plan for all of your digital activities! 

SEA Landingpages


Getting your website’s content geared up and optimized for bigger traffic is our passion and a skill we truly master! It’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of the content (the text) on your company’s website, as currently, in the words of Google’s founder Larry Page – “Content is the King”. From the Search Engine Advertising perspective, this translates to a principle of 1) websites with low CTR and irrelevant/insufficient content at the end of the line and 2) Websites with a lot of unique and topic-specific content with high CTR winning the #1 spot of Google’s Adrank!

Professional SEA Strategy


When your company decides that concentrating your efforts on its online presence is a priority, you will a need a viable Search engine Advertising strategy penned. This is when we will give you a helping hand – having a prior experience of helping hundreds of companies, encompassing different industries and even countries of interest in getting more traffic via Search Engine Advertising. Be sure that we will help you achieve your SEA goals for your business, by optimizing your Google's Adrank!

Social Media Marketing

While most of e-commerce websites and other online businesses tend to focus their marketing efforts either on SEO, email marketing or SEA, many overlook the vital Social Media market. With such social sites as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram altogether having twice as many users as there are people in China, this kind of a niche is still largely ignored and unexplored. We’ll help your company in tapping into this market, giving you all kinds of options to capitalize your gains and sales!

Geo-targeted SEA


The geo-targeted SEA is all about your company or a multi-lingual website serving few audiences with the same efficiency. Basically, a local Search Engine Advertising is a concept for any multi-language website (preferably an e-commerce one) for optimizing and increasing its Adrankings in Google Ads of local, specific language-related Google queries. We are masters at improving your Adrank for specific countries and regions!

PPC & Media Buying


When it comes to either running a contextual ads campaign or buying media, we’re pros in that! With more than 15 years of experience in dealing with Professional Search Engine Advertising and with hundreds of cases successfully completed, we are sure of our PSEA methods. Our crew members will customize your advertising settings and tailor its targeting as to reduce the expenditures and increase returns. The same thing will be done about all your rich media and other types of visual advertising.